sydney 18months and house

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We will see how this works sydney is "helping" me type.

So updates...lets see we are in our beautiful house and i love it the only thing i dont like is i miss my family a is growing like a weed a mean cranky weed. im just being mean because she is insaNe right now. she says everything we ask her to say and shes putting words together like please mommy or bye daddy. she climbs on everything including that table somehow, runs pretty fast to get away from me, shes still very very picky eater (hmm wonder where she gets that from *daddy*) she loves junk food maybe thats why shes so picky. she loves dolls, dinos, outside is her favorite thing no matter the weather. she says thank you all the time even if i give her a kiss.we are starting the potty training, so far i have came close to cleaning up poo, and cleaned a few peepees.

sorry this post is all crazy and mixed up i will try again later. heres some pictures of the house i need advice on well everything decor, arranging everything...everything.


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