Sydneys Stats

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Name: Sydney Elaine Jeffers
Date: May 8, 2008
time: 8:48pm
weight: 7lbs 8.1oz
length: 20 3/4

I went into the hospital at 7:00am I was 2cm dilated, they gave me my IV and Pitocin. I finally went up to 5cm and the contractions were non-stop and really bad, I couldn't get a break from them so the nurse slowed down the Pitocin and i got an epidural. the doctor came in after and broke my water, not long after that I was 9cm and I needed to push. I push for no more than 45min and my little girl was here.


Grantie Shell said...

Ash you did a great job setting this site up.

Chris, While Sydney is most certainly the most intelligent baby in the whole world, I'm not sure she is up to Star Wars just yet. Try Twinkle Twinkle little STAR at least for the first couple of weeks...

I Love you all,
Grantie Shell

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