My big girl!

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Just some updates...

Sydney is standing with very little help and sitting up, she hates laying down and missing anything.

She is teething, we can feel her top tooth coming in but like most of you know is could take awhile to cut through so far now shes just making silly faces and sometimes it hurts her. this also means shes completely soaking all of us and herself with drool.

She is using her hands very well, shes grabbing (hair, lips, ect)and every things going straight to her mouth.

She had baby rice cereal for the first time went pretty well.

shes sitting in a booster seat thing and loves it!!

She talks more then her mommy...i know hard to believe.

I don't have many pictures right now because they are on the hard drive but here are some...

Almost lost all the weight in my face
Daddys hat
I made her shirt


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