you know your a mom when

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OK Ive never done this before so bear with me.
I def had one of them moments yesterday and after the fact I thought...only a mother would do this.
My sweet, listens to every word I say, angel child is potty training...yes the horrible potty training. Anyways the first day was amazing no accidents, day two was goings perfect until it was about time daddy got home when she gets extra "happy" and had 3 accident by the time be got home (about an hour)then we had to leave so i really didn't want to ruin things but we had to leave but she was wearing a pull-up. well when we got home she said he has to poop on the big potty (we have the small seat and the toilet topper one)so i say "hold on one sec let me put this stuff away" then i see the dogs run as fast they can to the bathroom shes in and shes yelling "doggies no!!" i go in and see poo...all over soo

you know your a mother when your child is covered in poo, the bathroom...covered in poo, dogs face...poo and you look past all that to see your perfect angel sitting on the potty and when she gets up and there is poo in there along with a little tinkle you still cheer and praise her for getting it mostly in the potty.

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