for my princess monster

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You are my life you are my soul
You are my grumpy little troll
You make me happy and sometimes mad
But that’s only when your really bad

You make a mess I clean it up
You do it again and I don’t give up
I will be here for you if you ever need
To kiss your boo boos when they bleed

I hope someday you will understand
Why I smack your little hand
Its not because im mad at you
There’s certain thing you just cant do
Forks don’t go in the outlet plugs
And please don’t eat the little bugs

So go be silly, laugh, and learn
Someday it will be your turn
to be a mommy just like me
And then trust me you will see
I only want what’s best for you
My little stinky button boo

I love you Sydney Elaine Jeffers



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