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I just wanted to make a post about how utterly sweet my daughter is...yes i said sydney...sweet.

I the other day I was secretly crying because im lame and like to look at baby pictures and pregnancy pictures and realized even more how much my tiny girl has grown and yes I started crying. well my little tiny princess stopped playing with her new christmas gifts, walked over to me and said mommy in the sweetest angels voice and caressed my face just like I do to her then gave me a kiss and some nosies, I couldnt help but to laugh. shes so perfect no matter how much of a crazy lady she is and how naughty she can be, she is the most amazing person Ive ever met.


Mama M. said...

So incredibly sweet! I just HAD to stop by and give you a little love...my fellow donut hater! ;) Down with donuts is right!!!

Kris Ann said...

What a sweetie!

Just wanted to stop by and tell you "thanks" for visiting my blog - and for following!!!

Happy Tuesday! :-)

JMay said...

She is adorable, wow!!!!

You are blessed ;-)

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