poo on the finger

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I hate that, I was just going to publish my post and my computer froze and deleted everything...awesome.
So I know terrible twos should be when a child is two but I think syd is one of those special ones that gets it early. She has been so frustrated lately about everything and gets even more mad if I try to comfort her. she has never been like this she always wants hugs and kisses. So time outs have been working for her tantrums or flat out ignoring me but its only a matter of time before she realizes I'm not going to beat her if she gets up and runs from me. I cant wait. shes also started to hit which I knew would happen but its still annoying to deal with I try to explain it hurts and if shes mad to express it another way that wont hurt. we try different things so far she likes growling or grunting ha ha works for me as long as I'm not getting smacked by a baby.
On another note we are going to take potty training slow. with the holidays and her temper right now I don't want her to think I'm pushing her and that's the last thing I want is to rush her when shes not ready. I want her to be little forever.
Oh yeah so i finished one Christmas present I would say what it is but the person might read this so its a secret for now. I'm also making towel toppers (those dish towels hanging from your grandmas stove/ fridge...yeah those) Ive never made any before so I'm a little nervous. its for Nancy's mom (Gramma) and of course its cats because her entire place is cat decor I hope they turn out good. Ive been craft crazy lately even though I'm not acting on it which is killing me. money money money (dang holidays!) so Sydney just stuck her finger in her diaper which I'm pretty sure she was just pooing in (where her clothes went who know) so that's it for now.
love you,


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